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NINA has the potential to become the single biggest revolution in Urban Environments in our lifetimes.


The NINA Access Pathway  integrates utility services into a surface accessible  system.  It can be viewed as an "operating system" for utility distribution. Rather than have power lines up poles, water under the road and telecommunications anywhere there's a bit of space left, NINA installs all utility distribution systems into the curb. This creates a “dig once” solution to infrastructure access needs. The system “frames” standard residential blocks and allows them to be linked as a series of loops. Relatively clean rainwater and storm water run-off can now be isolated from contact with road surfaces- which is where most serious water contamination occurs. 


Above: A standard residential block before the NINA

system is installed. Not only are the powerlines ugly-

they are also inefficient and incredibly expensive to

maintain. The physical cost of pipes, poles, trenches

and other physical distribution systems actually

makes up over 30% of the household's

utility bills.



Above: An artist's impression of the same block once the NINA Access Pathway has been installed. Power poles are no longer necessary and the roads and footpaths no longer need to be dug up for maintenance- all utilities are accessible simply by removing the lid from the Pathway. Bills get cheaper because 

              distribution costs are less, councils earn money from the right to use the curb, and the environment is more beautiful and eco friendly.




The market value of ducting access services is around $16 billion per annum. 

These systems are trenched pipes, power poles, and pits. They do not work efficiently or safely. They also cause substantial damage and are sensitive to environmental forces of wind, flood, fire earthquakes and collisions.

The average consumer pays $150/month for these pole and ducting services. Detailed analysis of costs has identified a benchmark cost for the national average household of $11,000 for a multi-utility access and water harvesting system.

Indicative rates of return for NINA are in the 15-20% range.

Asset lives for the concrete structures are 100 years.

The NINA Access Pathway is protected intellectual property (IP). NINA Pty Ltd has successfully established  IP credentials in 164 countries. 

NINA System conforms to geography such as hills and bends
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