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​The NINA Access Pathway modules have variable profile lids, which can be shaped to most standard forms such as driveways, wheel chair access, mountable and semi mountable curbs. This permits the pathway to be adapted along its length and over time- for example, when a new driveway is required. The system is also designed for sloping terrain, as illustrated below.

The modules are flexible and can be shaped using interstitial members to conform to most urban terrains. This flexibility imparts water tightness and great resilience. It causes the pathway to behave as a chain, absorb deflections due to root growth, earthquakes, vehicle impacts etc. Utility elements (cables, pipes, junctions, splitters, valves etc) are protected from falling trees, storms, floods, earthquakes, vehicle collisions and fire.

This is a “Lego set” solution with over 50 different components and elements designed to form flexile, watertight connections.  It is designed for mass production and massive economies of scale.

Unique features include the external channel from access boxes along to points adjacent to houses and building through which feed lines and service are run. Once installed there is no longer any requirement to dig the length of the footpath.

Interstitial “gaskets” made from recycled car tires introduce flexibility allowing minor directional adjustments. The gaskets alone would consume 400,000 tons of recycled car tires in an Australia-wide rollout, a demonstration of NINA's commitment to environmentally friendly practices. 

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