Networked Infrastructure National Architecture  (NINA) is an alternative means of distributing utility services in urban environments.

NINA represents the first major alternative to buried and trenched pipes and cable and/or the use of poles and aerial cables. It is an alternative to undergrounding of power lines as a means of removing power poles.

The NINA Access Pathway also introduces a revolutionary new approach to the management and harvesting of rain and run-off water in urban environments based on the principle of keeping the rainwater clean. Click here to read more about Water.

To begin your understanding of NINA and the potential benefits it offers, please click on the slideshow graphics below to get started!


Digging up roads

Current utility systems require expensive, disruptive road closures and labour intensive efforts to maintain infrastructure, or to install and upgrade new systems. This exact arrangement has been in place for over 100 years, with no fundamental changes or improvements.

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